Speers - Speers is a shady character heading up a team from a secret American Agency set up to gather information on Standing Point Technologies and the threat it poses. Going beyond the authority of his superiors, Speers abuses his power in an attempt to follow his paranoid obsessions and prove that the British Project is the greatest threat to American National Security.

Gutteridge - A taciturn field agent, assigned to the fledgling agency headed by Speers. Loyal to his superiors and supremely dangerous. Tasked with hunting down the members of Henschel's team operating around the Maunsworth Base, he narrowly misses out on catching Alexi when he is rescued by a team from the Field. Alexi contacts them via a cover company called 'SAFE-HOME SECURITY' and logs into Safe Home Security with the code 180371. . Dragor Millovich however, does not manage to escape him.

Colonel Boynes - Tasked with command of the American forces in the Field alongside Speers, Hermanne Boynes is a dependable soldier, but like many, has difficulties adapting to the shifting and unpredicatable nature of the Heavenfield.