Alex/Alexi - Origin unknown, but served with the Russian Military as a Security Commissar, where he was assigned to an Experimental Research Facility deep in the heart of the Urals. Missing presumed dead after an accident ended the project, Alex, or Alexi, has been operating covertly for a mysterious group attempting to sabotage the British Standing Point Project for reasons unknown.

Dragor Millovich - Operating as a coordinator for cells working covertly around the Maunsworth Base, Millovich is an adept administrator, but could become a liability if exposed to danger in the field.

Dr. Henschel - Leader of the mysterious group known to themselves as the Exiles. Self-appointed protectors of the Field, Dr. Henschel has fostered an almost messianic energy to their cause, which is only fuelled by the claustrophobic nature of their fortress, trapped in the Heavenfield under siege from a nightmarish horde.

Dr. Edmund Keeler - Originally a key member of the British Research on Standing Point Technologies, it is now believed that Dr. Keeler had a hand in the explosion which destroyed the Hayden Hill Facility. Thought to be lost in the accident, Keeler resurfaced in the Exile Fortress, where he had been converted to the cause of protecting the Heavenfield from any more human incursions.